Misson accomplished!

Eight weeks ago we organized our third Life Act to celebrate ‚local loyalty‘ at KaterBlau – and it exceeded all our expectations! You guys showed us once again how amazing it can be when people come to together to do good 🙏🏻After focusing on international crises in previous years this time it was all about the support of our direct neighborhood: Our goal was to create attention and collect money for the Kreuzberg based Loyal e.V., a beautiful foundation that focuses on the education and integration of kids with socially disadvantaged backgrounds. Thanks to YOU and our BEAUTIFUL SUPPORTERS we were able to collect 2671,00 €! 😍👏We would like to THANK all our SUPPORTERS, especially ASK HELMUT, Telekom Electronic Beats, Faze Magazin, Gaia Store, Kauf Dich Glücklich, Kater Blau, MyPostcard, Studio Kreuzberg, tunes&wings, Vertere Berlin and The Weinmeister for their unconditional belive in loyalty. On the artistic side we’de like to thank Timo Maas Official Page, meggy, Tiefschwarz (Official), Rafael Da Cruz, Nick Galemore, Friedrich Raphael and Nightvisions for their selfless and instant ‚yes‘ to Life Act and of course for taking the floor apart that night, the experienced Kater Blau team and their man Peter Schumann for not doubting a second and giving us a platform and last but not least YOU, YOU and YOU! 😘🙏👏We’re still processing all the wonderful memories of that night and already feeling motivated to plan the next event!Much love, your friends from Life Act 😘🤗*Missing on this picture: Sabine, Lara, Jessica, Rafael and Friedrich who could not join the donation handover. You guys rock hardcore! 😘

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